Technology’s help with satisfying my addiction.


Today’s society is surrounded by modern inventions of the past. We use these inventions to do our everyday bidding, as though we never functioned without them. This technological immersion causes many to use these electronics in order to explore their world. For some, that world encompasses their many passions. For example, music can be found and accessed from technology: TVs, cellphones, tablets, computers, etc., and this ease of access has led to my addiction of different music genres. Throughout my years of schooling, music has been my companion, counselor, and teacher. It has been available to me regardless of my location because of the technological environment. My cellphone may be used to convey a message of self-esteem or strength, while my laptop may be used to provide the company of one of my favorite singers, like Bruno Mars, which would help me complete my schoolwork. Technology helps to keep me sane while I explore my options for the next steps in my life and provides soothing music to help me relax. I pity those without such advanced technology in their lives because they are unable to explore their world as thoroughly and effectively. I say this because music is my world, playing a huge part in my decisions and introducing me to the different cultures of the world. Without technology, that culture would be largely inaccessible to me via the music I listen to and love; without music, I would not experience the contentment and love present in my world every day- since experiences that could be spread to other areas of the world through the gadgets of today are sometimes possible. These gadgets can link states with countries with a simple click of a button. From this simple action, I can talk to friends and see where they are vacationing or living at that particular time. I may see the sands of Cancun or the blue waters of the Bahamas within moments. I’m able to satisfy my music addiction all while simultaneously exploring the world through pictures, websites, and videos. Most of the travelling I have done has been within the contiguous United States, but I hope to board a plane one day, heading east to a country I have explored only online-experiencing yet another invention used by today’s society to travel and explore.  Until that day comes, I will continue to use technology to discover new music or places, stimulating my eyes and imagination if nothing else. This world of ubiquitous technology offers me the chance to learn new dances or even a new recipe from an exotic locale that would be otherwise inaccessible. This level of accessibility to various novelties, such as dances, recipes, art, or music, would not be possible without the involvement of technology in today’s world; it allows the less fortunate to be a little more fortunate. For this reason, I am thankful to technology and its various inventors for satisfying my cravings and allowing me to explore my world-a world of music, culture, and diversity.