So For You.

I’ve been listening to this sad, but happy love music by Maroon 5 lately. I don’t understand how this keeps me focused on schoolwork but somehow it does. Maybe deep down I want a new relationship, but I don’t have the time or patience to indulge in that luxury. I say this because of I am focused on the next six months I have left before graduating undergrad! Besides this, I’m very blunt about my feelings and if I feel like you should know, then I will let you know. Well, most of the time. I’ve learned to hide behind my smile and deal with it later because I don’t have time for myself at the moment. It’s sad. Really sad. Maybe No,  I should take the time to self reflect. I will soon. Until then, I’ll just listen to this sad, but happy music. Such an oxymoron. I will listen to Unkiss, My heart is open, and Sugar mainly. Yeah, great music choices right?! Maroon 5 is awesome! I love their music especially the now married Adam 😦 Back to these songs. Unkiss is seriously about how the partner in the relationship should just man up and break it off from the other person since it’s not working out…that would be me-the bluntness at work. Sugar is about wanting someone new and how they can fix everything about the person. Maybe my life relates to both songs in a weird twisted way. I can use the love and sympathy of someone sweet and nice. I think I have my eye on a “red velvet” person though 😉 Someone to show me happiness and a good time. Soon will see if that happens. If not, oh well. SUUGAAAAR!  


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