Music Choices

Okay. Have you ever gotten the question of what kind of music you listen to/prefer?I have on multiple occasions. Yeah, that makes me angry. For a couple of reasons. One, the facial expressions I get when I say what I do and don’t like. Two, their stereotypical thoughts about what a black girl should like. Three, the ultimate question of “Really?” Honestly, what did I just say. lol. I’m telling you a lie or a joke for my satisfaction. I don’t have any reason to not tell you what I like. It’s my choice of music. Some music I don’t like. The end. I’m sorry confused at what people believe is there business in my music preferences. I like all music for the most part…except Hard Rap and Country. Just can’t get down with the cursing and hard twang I hear. Everything else is free game! 🙂 I’m always looking for new music suggestions!


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