The CBF.

Smile they say.

Are you okay, they ask.

Why? Does it seem like I’m not okay. 

Why do people always ask me to smile as if I’m ruining their day. Maybe I don’t want to smile right now. It hurts to constantly force your cheeks to smile, hence my chronic bitch face. Yep, the CBF is real. Plenty of people suffer from it, but girls are usually addressed more frequently than men in my experiences. I don’t get why people feel as though it’s a crime to have a stern expression when you’re busy. I can see if someone was staring at you with the CBF, then I would question it. Nope, never happens. Always the questioning looks and comments about my current mood. I don’t think people should assume you’re in a bad mood just because of your face, honestly. I know expressions warn those of your current mood, but it’s a 50/50 chance it’s right honestly. Maybe it’s just me, but I just smile and see if a person responds to my greetings before I jump to the conclusion that they are mad and ” I’m going to avoid them or tell them to smile more.” Anyways, it sucks to have CBF and those who constantly tell others “smile more so you won’t look so angry”…PLEASE stop it. It definitely doesn’t help the situation. 

That’s all, no it’s not.

Sincerely a CBF girl.


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